Silkstone Quartz Introduces: The Langdale Collection


Silkstone Quartz Introduces: The Langdale Collection

Are you inspired by natural elements when designing an interior? If the answer is yes then look no further – The Langdale Collection by Silkstone Quartz is the perfect stoneware for you!

Humans are inherently drawn to nature, so it’s no surprise that this trend is sweeping into our interiors for 2022. In fact, studies have shown that introducing natural elements into your interior helps elevate moods and instil a feeling of calmness in everyday life. With this in mind, we have designed a brand new collection within the Silkstone Quartz range that does exactly that!

The Langdale Collection

Organic and natural interior design trends are sweeping the industry by storm, so it’s up to us suppliers to give our customers what they want! That’s why we have designed the Langdale Collection which features two designs; Clifton Salt and St Annes White. Inspired by our beautiful local landscape, this collection combines the textures, colours and elements around us to create a stunningly earthy feel to our Silkstone Quartz range. Check out our Pinterest board to get inspired…

Natural Interior Design - Langdale Collection by Silkstone Quartz

Clifton Salt – The Langdale Collection

The first colour in the collection is Clifton Salt; a brand new design to the Silkstone Quartz range. This beautifully simple design combines traditional mirror chip and Terrazzo style stone into a beautifully neutral and warming Quartz. For those who may not be familiar with Terrazzo, this trendy stoneware features large fragments of colourful rocks in a cement mix. Similarly, a mirror chip design features small flecks of Quartz and stone to create a sparkly effect. Clifton Salt brings together these two popular designs to embody coastal scenery with sand-coloured fragments in a warm-toned mix, bringing serenity and naturality into your interior.

St Annes White – The Langdale Collection

The second design brought into the Langdale Collection is our popular St Annes White. This stunningly bright Quartz is characterised by a white marbling effect inspired by water droplets on the shoreline. You may be familiar with St Annes White, which previously sat within the New England Collection. However, with the introduction of Clifton Salt to the Silkstone Quartz range, we saw a huge opportunity to bring these two designs together to form the Langdale Collection. Together, Clifton Salt and St Annes White perfectly represent the naturality of the collection and will create a feeling of tranquillity in your interior. See St Annes White in action in an installation by Granite Masters below!

Final Words

So there you have it, a brand new collection inspired by nature to bring serenity into your interior. Like what you see? Visit our Silkstone Quartz product page to view the new collection. 

And don’t worry! It doesn’t stop there! We will be introducing two new designs to the Langdale Collection in the upcoming months, so be sure to keep a lookout on our socials for more updates and product launches.

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