Four generations, one passion

Our Heritage

The Surface Collection can trace its roots back to 1946, when Edmund Thomas set up a business buying the massive marble blocks from the beach at Carrara to use making monumental vases.

The blocks had been placed on the beach to prevent tank access to the beach during the war and were supplied to Edmund complete with bullet holes.

As the years passed, the business evolved. The rare skills of stonemasons began to be used for more diverse (but always beautiful) products. We became specialist manufacturers of custom pieces and, gradually, the selection of materials became our paramount concern as more processes became automated and the supply chain became more global.

Today we sell The Surface Collection of beautiful stone and composite products to more than 150 manufacturers. We also work in partnership with over 50 architects and designers, as well as self-builders and retail and leisure developers. Delivering the perfect material for every application is our vocation.

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